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Event Report – April 2016

nataly churchill

Nataly Churchill’s evening of clairvoyance was as brilliant as ever; she is such a wonderful, truly spiritual Medium. Nataly speaks from her heart, giving truth and information to all her recipients who receive a message. To add to this, her Welsh humour adds the magic ingredient as there is nothing as joyous as laughter to encourage spirit to come through. There was a good crowd of Friends of MSDC at Madginford, which is always good to see, but then Nataly guarantees people will come when she visits with us. Nataly travels the long distance from Porth in Wales to Maidstone when she comes to see us and for which we thank her. Her evenings are full of fun and laughter and we look forward to her next visit to Maidstone Spiritual Development Centre. Thank you Nataly 🙂

Event Report – February 2016

Marcus Cinganelli

Marcus Cinganelli was our Medium for February, and he gave us all a wonderful evening of excellent Mediumship. He certainly has a great psychic gift. Madginford Hall was packed for his visit and they were not disappointed. His manner is lighthearted and amusing but all messages were sincere and full of information. Marcus usually knew who his recipient was going to be and went directly to them giving family names and details in abundance. It was hard to keep up with his delivery as his information came fast and furious, indeed he left many happy people behind when he left us after our evening with him. We were all left with a feeling of well being and better for his visit. Let’s hope it’s not too long before you come back again Marcus, and we thank you for a wonderful evening.

Dog’s Trust – Update

Sadly, one of our sponsor dogs Amelia has passed away.  Our new sponsor dog is Nula: