New Programme 2016

The new programme for January to June 2016 is now available to download below:

Programme – Jan to June 2016

Event Report – Christmas Monthly Meeting


December 9th 2015 was a very special Maidstone Spiritual Development Centre monthly meeting. After 17 years of guiding, teaching, helping and organising us all, Marian has stepped aside for a well earned retirement. So Marian, many, many thanks from each and everyone of us, Committee and Friends of MSDC for all you have done through those many years. You have worked so hard, made so many wonderful friends and Mediums for us all.ย  You can now metal detect to your hearts content, go enjoy yourself with Colin but please come to as many events as you can.

This evening was our Christmas evening with Cheryl Turtlemoon as our Medium and Janet giving us a wonderful meditation with all our candles lit for all family and friends we all wished to remember at this special time of year.ย  Tracy supplied the Christmas buffet after moving only the previous day, so thank you all Cheryl, Janet and Tracy.

Special event on Saturday 12th at Madginford was Billy Cook, he was fun and amusing as always and the hall was full to capacity. Billy presented Marian with a beautiful bouquet of vibrant oranges and red. There was a grand raffle and Tracy supplied the food again. So a big thankyou to Billy for coming to visit us and to Sandra for looking after him while he was here.

So this report is all about saying thankyou, especially to Marian, the Committee and all our Friends because without you there would be no MSDC.

We wish you a very Happy Christmas and a healthy and peaceful New Year.

Event Report – October 2015



This month Maidstone Spiritual Development Group was fortunate to have Pauline Mason as our platform Medium. Pauline is based in Herne Bay at her Robin and Rainbow Centre from here she runs weekly circles and courses for anyone who wishes to improve their spiritual development in whatever way they individually feel is required. Pauline is an International Medium and has had the gift since the age of twelve. She is a psychic and reads tarot as well as her mediumship. A very talented and gifted woman indeed. We had a good, receptive audience on 14th October and Paulineโ€™s messages were given with accuracy and speed, with an unbelievable amount of names given to recipients with their messages. We wish to thank you Pauline for coming the long distance from the coast to our group in Maidstone, it is so very much appreciated, and we look forward to seeing you again next year.