Welcome to MSDC

What is the MSDC?
The MSDC is a group of spiritually minded people formed in 1999 and is based in Maidstone, Kent.  We want to encourage people who are interested in life after death, and/or their own spiritual development, to come to our Centre and investigate further in as many ways as we can provide for them, without any pressure being put upon them.

We meet every 2nd Wednesday of the month to experience and enjoy a spiritual demonstration, usually performed by a medium.  We also meet on the 1st and 3rd Saturday mornings of the month. In addition to this there are Workshops, Saturday Specials Events, Evenings of Clairvoyance, Meditation Mornings with Healing, Psychic Fairs with Healing and Alternative Therapies, Psychic Suppers, Circles, Healing Courses and Coach Trips.

We are a non-profit making group.

The MSDC Team
The MSDC is led by Anne Davis who is assisted by a regular group of volunteers, commonly known as the Management Team.  The tasks performed by the group include:

  • arranging and booking events, both regular and special
  • producing each 6 monthly programme, having it printed and sending it to all members
  • writing and keeping the website up to date
  • preparing the hall/room for events, including chairs, pa, refreshments, etc.
  • taking bookings and admissions for events
  • promotions and advertising
  • managing ‘Friends’ donations, accounts, etc.
  • providing help and advice on spiritual and psychic matters where appropriate/needed
  • managing the psychic & spiritual development, and healing & coffee mornings
  • managing and providing fledgling evenings, often a budding medium’s first chance to perform in public

All work is done voluntarily.  The volunteers receive no special privileges (e.g. priority booking for events, trips, etc.) and spend many hours of their own time, both on the day of the events and also in between, including facilitating numerous courses.

Friends of the MSDC
The MSDC runs a scheme where a £10 annual donation will give you a reduced admission fee for events (including workshops) – we are calling donors ‘Friends of the MSDC’.  ‘Friends’ will also receive the Programme before other people can obtain it, and access to the MSDC library.

Income Received
The MSDC receives its income from the following:

  • admittance to events
  • Friends of the MSDC (see above)
  • workshops and courses
  • psychic fayres
  • proceeds of raffle on some occasions

The MSDC expenditure is dependent on the income received and all money received is spent on the following:

  • hall/premises rental for events, courses and workshops
  • promotions / advertising
  • refreshments – free of charge at all events (tea, coffee, sugar, milk, biscuits & purchase of cups)
  • mediums
  • workshop and course instructors
  • various necessary equipment i.e. P.A. system, urn, electric fan, large storage cupboards
  • printing of programmes and postage
  • cartridges for computer and packs of paper for notices, leaflets, etc.
  • diary & necessary books for record keeping/ticket numbering, etc.
  • raffle tickets and most prizes
  • upkeep and space for the website
  • a ‘float’ of money is kept by as some mediums and premises require payment in advance (mainly for important events)

As previously stated the MSDC is a non-profit making group, any money remaining at the end of the year is donated to charity. These have included the following:

  • Demelza Childrens’ hospice
  • Trinity Foyer (local sheltered housing for disadvantaged young boys)
  • Donations to charity in memory of members passed to spirit
  • Guys Hospital (Ronald McDonald House)
  • Ellie’s Fund (equipment for a hospital following Ellie’s passing)
  • Donation towards a wheelchair for a pupil at Maplesden Noakes
  • Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund
  • Asia Earthquake
  • Harry Edwards Healing Centre
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Society
  • Marie Curie Nurses
  • Aurora Village via Tsunami Appeal we bought and furnished a bungalow for one family and helped them financially thereafter in conjunction with Jan Linch’s appeal
  • Oxfam
  • Heart of Kent Hospice
  • MS Society
  • Salvation Army
  • Convoy of Hope
  • Crossroads (charity for carers)
  • Save Dogs in India
  • Weald of Kent Hospice
  • Smile Train
  • The Wisdom Hospice
  • Cancer Research
  • Tsunami Orphans appeal
  • Sri Lanka Tsunami appeal

There are others – we have mentioned a few.

Achievements and Thanks
As a team we are proud and privileged to have helped many people who have needed comfort and support as well as having encouraged and developed many other individuals on their spiritual journey.  This has included supporting many mediums who are now household names at the early stages of their career (Tony Stockwell, Colin Fry, etc.) and also given development support and first opportunities to many mediums currently on the ‘circuit’.

We would also like to thank those who attend our events, who also often assist with those tasks previously mentioned above, asking for nothing other than the chance to help encourage our world to become a more spiritually minded place in these often troubled times.

Finally, it is important to emphasise once again, that all work is performed voluntarily by the Team, completely unpaid and often unsung, and the MSDC would not be able exist without this.

Love and Light