Event Report – June 2016

Janice Brook

One of MSDC’s favourite Mediums, Janice Brook, was our platform Medium for June.  As always Janice looked lovely in a black and white outfit and as always lovely in nature!  She is so affable and amusing, as well as being an excellent Medium.  It is guaranteed to be a wonderful evening when she visits and we do thank her as she has a ninety-minute journey to get to Maidstone.  More so especially this month as Janice has been a bit poorly recently.  Janice gives her messages fast and furiously, with humour and laughter.  She gives many names of spirit in her messages which are so detailed there is no doubt to any of the recipients that the message and information is for them. Janice usually knows for whom the message is for.  We all love Janice’s visits, her infectious happiness radiates to us all and if you have not been well that is extremely hard to do.  Unfortunately Sandra, Janice’s long time friend and supporter, did not come also as she has not been well either, so from all of MSDC’s Friends, please takes our best wishes to feel better soon. Big thank you Janice.