Event Report – July 2016


Debbie Dean, Psychic Artist was our Medium for July; it was a fantastic evening.  The hall was packed with both new faces and old Friends of MSDC, and we thank each and every one of you for coming. The hall was full, which shows just how popular Debbie is.  Each and every one of those present truly appreciate what a wonderful gift she has as a psychic artist; Debbie also has a fun approach in her very accurate readings.  Names of people and places confirm who should receive Debbie’s spirit guided drawings and she usually knows exactly to whom she has to give the message, then she draws the image her hand is guided to.  The faces are recognisable, but as Debbie says, “she cannot draw for toffee”!, Spirit guides her hand.  Debbie started drawing as a child but unfortunately her Mother threw away all her work.  Debbie has a Guide called Frank Leah who was himself, when alive, a spirit artist.  Thank you again from us all at MSDC for visiting Madginford Hall and making the long journey to be with us.