Psychic Fair 2017

It’s that time of year once more!!! We are rapidly advancing towards MSDC’s BIG!! Psychic Fair for 2017 to be held at Ditton once again. Can’t believe a year has turned once more!
Last year was such a great success with a lovely energy, which all present played a part in! making it a such a brilliant day, so who is up for repeating the event?

If you would like a stall then email me – for further info!

Let me know ASAP as it will be on a first come basis, and already my list is growing.

If you could email me telling me your discipline and any requirements you might need, plugs, etc. then I will try to sort everything out accordingly….it usually all comes together in its own chaotic way anyway!

Also if anyone would like to give a talk/demo or workshop about your discipline and your work of roughly 20 – 30 minutes duration, please let me know, again as soon as possible.

Event will be held on Sunday 27th August at the large hall Ditton Community Centre.

PS: I know some of you have already contacted me but could you do so again as I had a computer malfunction and accidentally wiped the hard-drive and lost everything!

Steve Clark