Event Report – April 2017

Our monthly meeting drew a big crowd due to the fact that we had Debbie Dean with us as our platform Medium, Debbie and her art always bring many people to MSDC.

Debbie starts each reading and spirit picture with a reading for each recipient; these were very informative and accurate as she gave many names of people and places.  Debbie always seemed to know and go directly to the recipient of the message.

Debbie explained to us all that she cannot draw and never has been able to but with each message she found her connection with spirit who took over her hand and she just let the picture of the face flow, always starting with the eyes and finishing with the hair.  Most people recognised who the drawing was meant to be.

Debbie’s lovely manner draws her audience to her, she is light hearted and even when joking a little, takes her work very seriously.

Thank you so much Debbie and we look forward to seeing you next time.