Daniel Pitt Event Report


What can I say? This evening’s demonstration of mediumship from Daniel Pitt was first class! Daniel is very friendly and approachable with a good sense of humour so the audience very quickly warmed to him. He began by opening with a short but sincere prayer and almost immediately had a good link with someone in spirit. He was able to know the direction or person he needed to go to in the audience, and he then described the spirit person in detail i.e. Hairstyle, shape of the face, gender, personality, relationship, what the person did in life, the family situation, how the person passed to spirit and names galore! I remember, in particular, he picked up evidence that a spirit person had lost the tips of his fingers which was confirmed by the recipient of the message! At the end of the message there was a very relevant piece of advice or message for the recipient. During this time, Daniel hardly stopped to draw breath – he has an amazing energy! If you ever get the chance to see Daniel work either at an evening of mediumship, a workshop or a private reading, don’t miss it! He records private readings on a CD for you to take home. For more information about Daniel and where he’s working, please go to :

Twitter @danpittmedium / Facebook: Daniel Pitt