Event Report – March 2018

ROBIN HODSON was the wonderful medium who came to work for us at MSDC’s March Evening of Mediumship and obviously word had got round as the hall was packed out! Robin is, indeed, an excellent medium and he has a very calm and friendly personality. He knew who he was being directed to by spirit to give messages and gave some wonderful information along with evidence and descriptions of the person in spirit and their personality. In one particular message he spoke to a lady in the audience and asked her if she had been looking at Death Certificates or studying geneology! When she agreed that she had, he was able to tell her that there was a spelling mistake in the name on the Certificate! She wasn’t aware of it that evening, but has confirmed since that Robin was absolutely correct! She said she was totally amazed that he was able to get that information via her relative in spirit! Such was the quality of Robin’s mediumship! Robin has a Facebook page:

https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008592855419 if you would like more information. Thank you Robin. We look forward to seeing you again.