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Event Report – June 2017

June’s monthly meeting gave us all another wonderful evening with Marcus Cinganelli.  Once again Marcus was charming, warm, amusing and fast talking, delivering many informative and explicit messages from spirit.

Marcus commenced the evening by explaining his views on why people feel they needed to hear from spirit, some for the right reason i.e. connection with relatives or friends who have died, or the wrong reason hoping to get a decision made for them by ways of clairvoyance, with a few examples given along the way!

It was a very enjoyable evening and we thank you Marcus for coming to visit with the Maidstone Spiritual Development Group and look forward to your next evening with us.  Thank you 🙂

To learn more about Marcus, visit his website:

Event Report – April 2017

Our monthly meeting drew a big crowd due to the fact that we had Debbie Dean with us as our platform Medium, Debbie and her art always bring many people to MSDC.

Debbie starts each reading and spirit picture with a reading for each recipient; these were very informative and accurate as she gave many names of people and places.  Debbie always seemed to know and go directly to the recipient of the message.

Debbie explained to us all that she cannot draw and never has been able to but with each message she found her connection with spirit who took over her hand and she just let the picture of the face flow, always starting with the eyes and finishing with the hair.  Most people recognised who the drawing was meant to be.

Debbie’s lovely manner draws her audience to her, she is light hearted and even when joking a little, takes her work very seriously.

Thank you so much Debbie and we look forward to seeing you next time.

Psychic Fair 2017

It’s that time of year once more!!! We are rapidly advancing towards MSDC’s BIG!! Psychic Fair for 2017 to be held at Ditton once again. Can’t believe a year has turned once more!
Last year was such a great success with a lovely energy, which all present played a part in! making it a such a brilliant day, so who is up for repeating the event?

If you would like a stall then email me – for further info!

Let me know ASAP as it will be on a first come basis, and already my list is growing.

If you could email me telling me your discipline and any requirements you might need, plugs, etc. then I will try to sort everything out accordingly….it usually all comes together in its own chaotic way anyway!

Also if anyone would like to give a talk/demo or workshop about your discipline and your work of roughly 20 – 30 minutes duration, please let me know, again as soon as possible.

Event will be held on Sunday 27th August at the large hall Ditton Community Centre.

PS: I know some of you have already contacted me but could you do so again as I had a computer malfunction and accidentally wiped the hard-drive and lost everything!

Steve Clark